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Why Donors Choose Us

The Watertown Foundation is the only community foundation dedicated solely to the Watertown and Oakville community. Donors choose the Watertown Foundation because we are the trusted choice in local giving. The impact of our scholarships and grants provide both immediate and enduring opportunities.

What began in 1925 as a group of residents looking to enhance the quality of life in our town by combining their gifts and working together to give locally is now on the threshold of celebrating 100 years of charitable giving in a few short years. We heartily invite you to join our milestone journey to a century of community service.

Together we can continue to build:

  • A stronger community. The Watertown Foundation supports recreation and athletic organizations that make our community strong.

  • A more caring community. The Watertown Foundation supports faith-based organizations that make Watertown and Oakville a community of caring individuals.

  • A community rich in culture. The Watertown Foundation supports organizations that color the fabric of our community with music, dance, theater and art.

  • A community of promise. The Watertown Foundation funds scholarships and educational enrichment programs for our children.

  • An evolving community with lasting heritage. The Watertown Foundation supports efforts to honor our community’s heritage, including land and historic preservation.

  • A more compassionate community. The Watertown Foundation supports health initiatives, social services and other opportunities to help children, families, the elderly and neighbors with special needs.

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