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Board of Trustees

2022-2023 Officers


President: Tina Agati

Vice President: Marcia B. Killeen

Treasurer: Paul Jessell

Secretary: Paula Labonte


Susan C. Atkins

Joe Caligiuri

Robert C. Campbell

Jacqueline Cassidy

William Dunbar

Brian J. Flaherty

Justin J. Golden

Ted R. Heavenrich

Margaret L. McKee

Linda Merriman

William J. Palomba


The Trustees and Officers of the Watertown Foundation are governed by the Articles of Association and By-Laws adopted in 1925. Today, practical application of these articles and by-laws results in quarterly meetings of the Trustees and Officers and an Annual Meeting of Members in October. The Finance, Scholarship, Grants, and Membership and Development Committees recommend actions to the Board of Trustees, which in turn asks for confirmation from the members at the Annual Meeting of Members each October.

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