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Whether you received a scholarship this year or twenty years ago, please share an update! Email a recent photo, your HS graduation year, and information about your education, career, and where you are now living to:

2023 Scholar Updates

KamiL Jan24.jpg

Kami Labella:
I wanted to let you know that my first semester at Clark University went very well. I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes, especially my computer science course. My professors were very nice and helpful, making the switch to college seamless. Thank you again for my scholarship!

Melanie Martinelli:
I really enjoyed all of my classes, made the Dean's List with Honors, and joined the Quinnipiac Club Figure Skating Team. I'm enjoying living on campus while also being close to home, though I also had the amazing opportunity to travel to Washington D.C. for a history class over winter break. I'm currently looking for an internship in Industrial Engineering for this summer. Thanks again for the scholarship!


Dylan Payne:

I wanted to let you know that my first semester at Southern Connecticut State University went very well, I even made the Fall Semester Presidents List with High Honors, and I joined the Football team. I enjoyed all of my classes, especially my Sociology course. My teachers were very nice and helpful, especially making the switch from high school to college. Thank you again for my scholarship, it’s much appreciated.

Giacomo “Jack” Rinaldi:
I am reaching out to thank the foundation for giving me a scholarship, and I wanted to provide an update on my first semester progress. I wanted to let you know that my first semester at Duke was amazing! I loved all of my classes – especially my first-year engineering design course. Beyond the classroom, I got a position as an
undergraduate researcher at a Duke medical research lab, where I research the therapeutic potential of snoRNA targeting on Atherosclerosis. This summer, I look forward to interning at another Duke lab for a medical device engineering role, where I will help develop and commercialize a device for patient urinalysis in hospitals. Thank you once again for the scholarship, it has been an honor to receive the award!


2022 Scholar Updates


Grace Kenney:

Hello! I spent my first year at UConn, but recently transferred to Colgate University. I am happy to say that I have loved my first semester here! I am double majoring in computer science and classics and finished this semester with a 4.13/4.33 GPA. I joined the Colgate Figure Skating Club and have become a leader of a dance group on campus. Next semester I'm excited to work as a TA in the Computer Science Department. Thank you so much to the Watertown Foundation for helping me pursue my passions in college! In addition, I am looking for tech internships this summer. Thanks in advance for spreading the word.

WF Scholars 2023


WF Scholars 2022


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Power Surge 4-H Robotics
Power Surge was started by students, parents and adult mentors formerly on CT
Region 14’s Team Beta # 2836. Partnering with 4-H allows the members the
freedom to return to their roots as a team that collaborates with other FIRST teams
in outreach events and offers enrichment opportunities to fuel students’ interests
and inspire their future.


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