About Us


The Watertown Foundation will celebrate 100 years of charitable giving to Watertown and Oakville in a few short years. The Watertown Foundation and its members invite you to join our milestone journey to a century of community service.

The Watertown Foundation is the only community foundation dedicated solely to the Watertown and Oakville community.

A group of residents established the Watertown Foundation in 1925 to enhance the quality of life in our community through local charity. By combining their gifts and working together to invest their contributions and assess the community’s needs, our charter members began an extraordinary legacy.

Today, many of your neighbors continue to support the foundation’s exceptional tradition of community giving. This invitation to membership is your opportunity to join them.

On our way to:

100 years of community service
Each year, the Watertown Foundation awards grants to address needs and opportunities that touch the lives of thousands of people in our community.

A stronger community
The Watertown Foundation supports recreation and athletic organizations that make our community strong.

A more caring community
The Watertown Foundation supports faith-based organizations that make Watertown and Oakville a community of caring individuals.

A community rich in culture
The Watertown Foundation supports organizations that color the fabric of our community with music, dance, theater and art.

A community of promise
The Watertown Foundation funds scholarships and educational enrichment programs for our children.

A community with lasting heritage
The Watertown Foundation supports efforts to honor our community’s heritage, including land and historic preservation.

A more compassionate community
The Watertown Foundation supports health initiatives, social services and other opportunities to help children, families, the elderly and neighbors with special needs.


President: Linda Merriman
Vice President: Tina Agati
Treasurer: Paula Labonte
Secretary: Michael Zemaitis


Susan Atkins
Robert C. Campbell
Jacqueline Cassidy
William Dunbar
Peg Durkee
Brian Flaherty
Ted R. Heavenrich
Paul R. Jessell
Marcia B. Killeen
Joseph Kinsella
Margaret L. McKee

The Trustees and Officers of the Watertown Foundation are governed by the Articles of Association and By-Laws adopted in 1925. Today, practical application of these articles and by-laws results in quarterly meetings of the Trustees and Officers and an Annual Meeting of Members in the month of October. The Finance, Scholarship, Grants, and Membership and Development Committees recommend actions to the Board of Trustees, which in turn asks for confirmation from the members at the Annual Meeting of Members each October.